M24 chaffee in Men Of War.

The M24 chaffee is a light tank in World War II.


Gun: 75mm M3 (27 AP, 48 HE, 5 APCR)

MG: Browning M1919 30 cal. 1 Coaxial, 1 Hull (1825 rounds)

Accessories: Fuel Can (60 fuel units), Repair Kit (2), Dynamite.

Crew: 4 (Gunner, Driver, Loader, Commander) 2 Passengers.

Armor: 13-38

Speed: 38

Fuel: 500

Cost: 350 (20sec)


In all American skirmish, Chaffee is unlocked when you capture the first "armor flag", along with M4 Sherman.


This tank is weak, so this tank is best for infantry support. A le. Pak 41 can destroy one Chaffee. While weak, this tank is fast, capable of flanking and ambushing heavier tanks, such as Panzer III. An 75mm gun can penetrate a Panzer III's armor, but you must act fast before your target fires. The HE gun provided good for infantries, but it's lack of other MGs made it target to rocket squads.


  • The Chaffee tank is considered a medium tank ingame, despite the weak armor.
    • Maybe because of it's good gun, 75mm M3.

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