Men of War7

A Sherman tank covering an assault on an enemy position.

The Sherman tank entered mass production by the US during World War 2 due to a growing need for a tank on the frontline to compete with the German equivalents such as the Panzer 4. However the American tank were very ineffective against the German tanks due to their underpowered 75mm gun and their relatively weak armor compared to the Panzers. Due to its relatively low resource cost entered mass production regardless of these faults. This spawned many variants of the tank such as the Sherman Jumbo and the Sherman 76mm tanks to combat the originals faults.

In-Game Edit

The Sherman tank is the bulk of any American players armored assault. The sherman could use it's HE shells to blast away infantry or us it's AP shells to outmaneuver and get behind enemy tanks allowing for an easy kill. Anyone who knows how to use combined arms tactics can easily make the Sherman as effective as any Panzer tank. The Sherman is a very versatile tank and if used correctly can help win any battle.

Specifications Edit

  • 75mm M3 anti-tank cannon with a maximum armor penetration of 102mm of armor
  • The AA machine gun is a .50 cal M2HB
  • The coaxial machine gun is a .30 cal M1919
  • The hull machine gun is also .30 cal M1919
  • 5 crew members to completely fill the tank and 4 soldiers can ride on the back of the tank.
  • A maximum speed of 33 mph
  • The cost is 440 manpower

Armor Edit

Body: Front - 51mm of armor Turret: Front - 76mm of armor

Side - 38mm of armor Side - 51mm of armor

Rear - 38mm of Armor Rear - 51mm of armor

Top - 22 mm of Armor Top - 25mm of armor

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