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Men of War is DigitalMindSoft and published by IC Publishing. It is based in the World War II era and combines tactics, choice of units and a bit of third-person to defeat the opponent. Men of War combines realistic graphics and effects with tactical gameplay and is a great favorite for any World War II enthusiast. The game features a campaign that relates to all the major factions. The factions playable include: United States, Britain, Germany, Soviet Union and Japan.

Men of War's sequel, Red Tide, adds a Soviet campaign focusing on the battles of Odessa and Sevastopol

The second sequel, Assault Squad increases the effectiveness and importance of infantry in the game. The two campaigns feature the German invasion of the Balkans and North Africa, and the Russian advancements onto Hungary, Romania and finally Germany. The online open beta has been released on Steam. the game is currently being produced by DigitalMindSoft.


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Men of War Assault Squad Debut Trailer HD

Men of War Screenshots

  • US Rangers scouting
  • US Reconnaissance ambush on a German outpost
  • British forces move up to their starting line in the North Africa campaign
  • Battle of Midway
  • British commando firing howitzers onto German forces
  • Streetfighting in a French township
  • Russian troops firing on German warehouse
  • Russian artillery outpost
  • German troops fighting against Russians in winter
  • American shipyard deploying submarine
  • German Flak firing aircraft
  • M10 Wolverines firing against remnants of Panzer corps in Germany
  • German Panzerjager "Elefant" and Grenadier infantry
  • M4 Sherman firing on enemy troops

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